Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop cocktail

Type: Cocktail

A Lemon Drop cocktail is a vodka-based drink with a lemony flavour that is both sweet and sour. Using vodka, fresh lemon juice, triple sec and sugar syrup, it is classy cocktail both in appearance and taste. It is believed that the drink was first created in the 1970s by Norman Jay Hobday, who was the proprietor of Henry Africa′s bar in San Francisco, California.

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  • 60ml vodka
  • 7.5ml Triple Sec Liqueur
  • 15ml sugar syrup
  • 25ml fresh lemon juice
  • Sugar
  • Lemon wedge
  • Ice

How to make

  1. Rub the lemon wedge around the rim of a cocktail glass and dip the moistened glass in a plate of sugar
  2. Pour the vodka, Triple Sec, sugar syrup and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker with some ice and shake until chilled
  3. Strain carefully into the sugar rimmed cocktail glass


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